Summer might be coming to an end, but Autumn is fast approaching. It’s the season of change and the perfect time for a much desired change of scenery. We could all do with an escape from what has become the new normal. So why not #Escape the Everyday and discover or even rediscover what is here in Leicester and Leicestershire.

King Richard III Visitor Centre

How could we not start with King Richard IIII Visitor Centre? Discover the place where the King’s remains were buried over 500 years ago and learn about the fascinating story of his life, death and discovery. A stones throw away is Leicester Cathedral, which has housed the tomb of King Richard since the reinternment ceremony.  

Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

Another multi award winning interactive exhibition which tells the story of the Battle of Bosworth. Visit the Battlefield Centre and Country Park where the dramatic story of how King Richard lost his life, crown and the throne of England to Henry Tudor.

National Space Centre

 An award-winning attraction in the heart of the city and an out of this world experience for the whole family. A sure-fire way to Escape the Everyday and be catapulted into a world of space and beyond. Experience one of the six interactive galleries and the UK’s largest planetarium, 42m high Rocket Tower and world unique 3D SIM ride.

Bradgate Park

You might not know but aswell as being a place of beauty and serenity, Bradgate Park is also a place to discover history. Did you know it’s the birthplace and childhood home of the nine days 16th century Queen of England, Lady Jane Grey? Discover the ruins of her home – one of the earliest country houses built for royalty.

Van Gogh Immersive Experience

Step into world of Vincent Van Gogh by immersing yourself in the spectacular 360-degree exhibition (exhibition closes XXX) featuring awe-inspiring paintings that left the world inspired as reality around you fades into a new world. Learn about his time at the convent in Arles and discover the secret letters to his brother.

1620’s House & Garden

Take a walk back in time and immerse yourself in the early 17th century experience in the wonderful fully furnished house owned by the family living in the shadow of the Gunpowder plot. Oooh, bet that’s left you wanting to know more!

Twycross Zoo

The perfect day out and a chance to explore the 100-acre open air zoo and discover 500 animals of 125 different species in their habitats. Pets the goats, visit the Gibbon Forest and much more.


Wow another award-winning attraction on our doorstop. Experience outdoor woodland adventures, ragged trails, climbing, jumping and running in the heart of the largest created multipurpose forest in the UK, the National Forest. Explore the Discovery Centre, visit the Waterside Centre or be a daredevil and have a go at the Aerial Adventure including high ropes courses.

Bring the Paint

The award-wining Bring the Paint International Street Art Festival was established in 2017 and since then has gone from strength to strength. The festival has featured a fantastic blend of local, national and international street artists boasting inspiring street art across the city and bringing international attention to Leicester. The festival is organised by Graffwerk who have also produced a fantastic online guide which details the key sites to be visited. Perfect way to explore expressive art and explore the city!

Heritage Panels

Discover the rich history and heritage of Leicester by following a series of themed heritage panels around the city. The panels are situated at key sites across the city and celebrate the story of Leicester from Roman times to the present day. Wander through the historic streets and lanes and see the beautifully heirtage buildings along the way!

As we said there is so much to discover in Leicester & Leicestershire, but before you travel make sure you Know Before You Go and check individual websites for booking information. Most importantly make sure to stay safe by following latest governement guidelines. 


Twycross Zoo
Animal Collection
Twycross Zoo

With a 60-year history, Twycross Zoo has more than 500 animals, and is the only UK zoo which is home to all four species of great apes

National Space Centre
Science Centre
Space Suits at national space centre

The award-winning National Space Centre is an out of this world experience for the whole family. Home to the UK’s largest planetarium, the Centre has six interactive galleries, iconic Rocket Tower and hosts events throughout the year.

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience
New Media
Van Gogh the immersive experience

Thanks to cutting edge virtual projection you will become a part of the spectacular, incomparable universe of Vincent Van Gogh.

Bosworth Battlefield
Heritage / Visitor Centre
Bosworth Battlefield

The Leicestershire field that changed the landscape of English history. Experience the Battle of Bosworth and discover how King Richard III was defeated in a conflict which transformed the history of Britain, bringing the Middle Ages to an end and ushering in the Tudor dynasty which shaped the future of our country.



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