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Sustainability Best Practice  

We're gearing up to launch an exciting Tourism Campaign that's all about shining a spotlight on sustainable businesses and empowering existing ones to embrace sustainability practices. Stay in the loop by following us on LinkedIn - Visit Leicester. To ensure our campaign features a diverse range of leading sustainability practices, we encourage organisations with exceptional offerings to contact us. We are interested in exploring potential partnerships. 

Get ready to kickstart your journey towards sustainability with the help of Visit Britain's insightful Advice Hub. Discover the compelling reasons to embrace sustainability, from cost savings and gaining a competitive edge to tapping into new markets. Check it out here: Visit Britain's Advice Hub

The Growth Hub provides customised, local guidance to assist your business in adopting more sustainable practices. Explore their resources for green initiatives at BizGateway.org.uk

Looking for more resources? Explore how Leicester City and County Councils are taking steps to reduce their environmental footprint. Dive into their strategies and action plans here: Leicester City Council - Environment and Sustainability and Leicestershire County Council - Net Zero Action Plan

Accessibility Guidelines 

In the UK, around 16 million people live with disabilities, nearly a quarter of the population. Many of your customers may have undisclosed impairments. VisitBritain offers practical guidance and confidence-building through its Accessible and Inclusive Tourism Toolkit for Businesses

VisitEngland has also recently partnered with AccessAble to empower hospitality and tourism businesses across England to enhance accessibility for visitors. Through AccessAble's innovative Your Accessibility Guide portal, businesses can now easily arrange for accessibility assessments of their venues. This guide provides potential visitors with clear and comprehensive information about the accessibility features of your venue, allowing them to make informed travel decisions. Find out more here: https://visitengland.youraccessibilityguide.co.uk/  

Health & Safety Advice and Guidance  

In the tourism industry, ensuring the safety of your guests, employees, and premises is paramount. Prioritising fire safety, guest safety, and employee well-being is essential. Visit Britain provides a wealth of resources tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Their comprehensive guidance can be found on their one-stop shop page, available here: Visit Britain Business Advice - Health and Safety

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers easily understandable guidance on basic first aid procedures. Additionally, they provide information on how to connect with training organisations in your area to equip your staff with comprehensive first aid knowledge. For more details, visit: HSE First Aid Guidance