Build Your Team

Hiring and Recruiting Staff 

If you're considering expanding your business in Leicester, the Invest in Leicester team may be able to assist you. Leicester and Leicestershire boast some of the best future employees, thanks to the presence of three world-class universities and a rapidly growing young population. Learn more about the advantages of Investing in Leicesters Workforce here

Visit Britain provides Hiring Resources for both new and established businesses, as well as guidance on effectively managing seasonal staff. Whether you're a startup or a seasoned entrepreneur, they offer valuable insights to navigate the recruitment process. 

For businesses looking to tap into the potential of the region's youth, the Growth Hub offers a comprehensive Guide to Building the Workforce. Discover how you can leverage the skills and talents of young professionals to drive your business forward. Explore the guide here:  

Access Training Resources  

Explore resources on Visit Britain’s Customer Service Training, prioritising visitor expectations and delivering high-quality, impactful customer care. Ensure your staff are at their best with this tailored training.  

Connect with expert mentors through Digital Boost for Business. Simply share your challenges, and they'll match you with friendly, knowledgeable volunteers dedicated to helping small businesses thrive. Find out more: Digital Boost for Business Mentors

Discover Government Apprenticeships with Umbrella Training, focusing on culinary and hospitality apprenticeships. Choose to onboard an apprentice for on-the-job learning, or nominate a staff member for a training course integrated into their role. You can find out more on the Umbrella Training - Government Apprenticeships webpage.  

If you are seeking to upskill your team or launch a career in Leicester & Leicestershire's thriving tourism industry, local institutions like Leicester College, University of Leicester, and De Montfort University offer a range of hospitality and tourism-focused courses. These specialisms can be integrated within broader programs or dedicated to the industry as a whole. Explore the UCAS website to discover specific course options within the world of tourism. 

Accreditation Opportunities  

Leicester City’s Business Improvement District (BID) offers engaging schemes to participate in, including their emphasis on supporting Leicester's independent businesses, their Purple Flag (Night Time Economy) status, and various initiatives aimed at attracting visitors to the City Centre. You can explore more about these initiatives on their website: BID Leicester

Enhancing your business's reputation and fostering workforce growth is vital for sustainable development. Being recognized as a successful enterprise can significantly contribute to achieving these goals. Visit England provides awards and accreditations for eligible tourism businesses, and if you’re nominated, we’d provide you with plenty of online support! We work closely with the Leicestershire Tourism Awards, the winners of which will work their way up into the Visit England and East of England Tourism Awards as well! Find out more here.