Grow Your Business

Grants and Funding 

A thriving tourism business requires strong financial backing. There are a number of resources available to help you navigate funding options and grow your business. 

VisitBritain’s dedicated business advice webpage offers a clear overview of various financing options available in the UK. Explore different grants, loans, and alternative funding models to find the best fit for your specific business goals.

The Leicestershire Growth Hub complements national resources with localised expertise. You can access information on grants, loans, and alternative financing specifically designed to support businesses within Leicester & Leicestershire. 

Starting a Business 

This section empowers you to turn your innovative concept into a successful tourism business that enriches Leicester & Leicestershire's vibrant visitor experience. 

A range of resources are available to support both seasoned entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners embarking on their journeys. VisitBritain's "Start Your Business" section equips you with essential tools for successful planning, exploring funding opportunities, and even accessing a complimentary short business course. 

The Leicestershire Growth Hub complements national resources with invaluable local knowledge and tailored advice specific to Leicester & Leicestershire. This ensures a smooth launch and successful operation of your new tourism venture within the region.