City Trails

  1. king richard trail
    In August 1485 King Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth, brought back to Leicester and after a lying in state for a few days was buried by the Grey Friars, a Franciscan Holy order, in their friary church.
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
  2. take a walk with romas georgians and dinosaurs
    Take a stroll up Leicester’s leafy New Walk today and you’ll be following in some pretty impressive footsteps. You’ll be walking on an ancient road used by Roman soldiers, and enjoying the tree-lined promenade beloved by Leicester’s Georgians and Victorians.
  3. The Newarke Trail
    Take a walk around Leicester’s ancient quarter, The Newarke, where 2,000 years of drama has played out amongst its collection of historic sites. From a museum housing one of the world’s largest shirts to the path taken by a berobed King Richard III, the costumes of the players are as intriguing as the stories themselves.
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
  4. Leicester’s Old Town has many notable attractions but the sightseeing doesn’t have to stop when you fancy a bite to eat or something to drink. Heritage buildings that may have sat empty for years have been given a new lease of life by independent restaurateurs.
  5. From boards trodden by Shakespeare to shopping centres on the site of Roman market places, stages graced by The Beatles and Buzz Aldrin’s underpants, history and heritage are at the heart of Leicester.

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