painting the town red

Melton Mowbray - Paint the Town Red


Melton Mowbray - Paint the Town Red

British history has been marked by the drinks we enjoy, the company we share them with and the places we consume them. From cocktails to craft beer and some superb local spirits and liqueurs, Melton Mowbray continues a tradition that started with painting the town red.

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Melton Mowbray, Melton Mowbray, Melton Mowbray, LE13 0AU

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Season (1 Jan 2024 - 31 Dec 2024)


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  • Uncover the story - Have you ever ‘painted the town red’, and did it make you wonder where the saying comes from? <hr> Of a handful of theories, one cites the antics of the infamous Marquis of Waterford, who, with a gang of aristocratic friends, went on a drunken spree through Melton Mowbray armed with pots of red paint.<hr> That was back in 1837, and today, thanks to its background of brewing and distilling and a great variety of pub and bars, the town attracts an altogether better-behaved crowd, who come for tours and tastings. <hr> In the heart of its famed cattle market, multi-award-winning Round Corner Brewing stays true to its surroundings and offers what it calls ‘farm-fresh’ beers. A visitor tour reveals the art of brewing, and the tap room menu could include Notorious Hooligan – no prizes for guessing who inspired this red ale.<hr> Not just here for the beer, Melton has also welcomed spirit distillers into its fold. Completely sustainable, everything from the gin to the bottle labels is made at Brentingby Gin’s site, on the grounds of Brentingby chapelry. Meet Ayanda – the copper still – and see the wind turbine that powers her on a visitor tour of this award-winning distillery. Sloeberry Spirits also welcomes visitors to its farm home, where liqueurs are made using fruit hand-picked from surrounding hedgerows. <hr> Venture out of town to Hanwell Wine Estate, where vineyard tours and winery experiences are available, and a full calendar of events runs throughout the year. You could even help out with the grape harvesting.<hr> Back in town, discover the story of the ‘painting the town red’ incident at Melton Carnegie Museum. Later, settle in at the historic Anne of Cleves pub, gifted by Henry VIII to one of his luckier wives in their divorce settlement, or enjoy a night on the tiles with cocktails on the chic rooftop terrace of the Montero Lounge.

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