Visit Leicester

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    The remarkable King Richard III discovery may be Leicestershire’s best-known story, but the city and county have many other best-kept secrets to share with visitors. Find out why we are known as Space City, discover a wealth of intriguing royal connections, explore a forest of 9 million trees and see why our market towns paint a portrait of England
  2. Street Art on a wall

    Leicester is fast becoming the UK capital for amazing street art! 

  3. Great Central Railway exterior bridge
    A day return to the birthplace of popular tourism
    1. 1 Jan 202231 Dec 2022
  4. Space Suits
    Space Suits, Rockets And Buzz Aldrin’s Underpants
    1. 1 Jan 202231 Dec 2022
    2. 1 Jan 202231 Dec 2022
  5. From small beginnings to great apes
    1. 1 Jan 202231 Dec 2022