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Taste the Place

Are you ready to get a taste of Leicester and Leicestershire? 

Our region is one of the leading culinary destinations in the UK for good reason. Not only are we home to some of the most recognisable British dishes in the world, we also have a huge range of locally produced delicacies which give you a real Taste of England. You can travel the world on your plate thanks to the many different cuisines that Leicester’s diverse communities have brought with them, from some of the best curry you’ll ever taste to surprises from South America to the Caribbean and Eastern Europe to the far east.  

Our food is also built upon a reputation for sustainability. With some fantastic local producers of not only products, but farms supplying our restaurants, you can rest assured that your dinner has fewer food miles than elsewhere. And Leicester is also where one of the trendiest new eating crazes came from as the term Veganism was invented here, not some ten years ago, but right back in the 1940s. 

Working in partnership with the Leicestershire Great Food Club

Take your time to explore all that Leicester & Leicestershire have to offer and start your taste adventure below!