Paddy’s Marten Inn: A Family Legacy

Amita and Pradip Mashru and their son Raj, the founders of Paddy’s Marten Inn, have served authentic Indian cuisine since the 1990s.

In that time, they’ve had Jamie Oliver pop in for a curry, won countless awards and become one of the city’s most-loved Indian restaurants. 
Here’s the story of Paddy’s Marten Inn. 
Amita and Pradip migrated to Leicester from Africa in the 1970s. After taking whatever work they could, they ran the café at Loughborough bus station for many years. 
In 1996, they changed tack and bought a modest backstreet boozer in Leicester, The Marten Inn on Martin Street. Naming it Paddy’s Marten Inn after Pradip’s nickname, Paddy (a name he picked up while working in a Leicester factory not long after arriving in the city), they did not plan to serve food. However, after receiving requests from hungry drinkers, they gradually introduced small Indian dishes. 
Slowly, the menu expanded, leading to kitchen renovations and a larger team of chefs. These chefs hailed from all corners of India, contributing unique regional dishes and diversifying the menu. 
Over time, Paddy’s became a renowned curry destination thanks to its cherished recipes, many of which have been handed down through Amita's family via her brothers, and its laidback, down-to-earth ‘curry pub’ feel. Amita, the kitchen’s driving force, maintains the authenticity of flavours and spices. In 2012, Paddy’s dedication to quality and its unique vibe caught the attention of Jamie Oliver, who showcased it on his Channel 4 show, Jamie’s Great Britain. 
Today, Paddy’s Marten Inn encompasses a fusion of influences from India, East Africa and China, attracting a varied clientele. As diners relish their meals amid vintage Bollywood memorabilia, the fun ambience complements the top-notch service. 
The Mashru family’s journey, from newcomers to treasured members of the Leicester community, reflects their determination, adaptability and appreciation for exceptional food. With Raj now at the helm, Paddy’s Marten Inn has become a Leicester institution, providing bold flavours, ample portions, and a welcoming atmosphere.

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    Paddy’s is a bustling Leicester institution created by the Mashru family in a former pub on an unremarkable side street. A colossal menu features many treasured family recipes plus specialities from Kashmir, Rajasthan and Nepal. Enjoy huge platters of sizzling chops, kebabs and wings while Bollywood films (or maybe a cricket match) play on TV screens.
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