Siblings Unite to Create Sustainable Food at Stonehurst Farm and John's House Restaurant

John, Tom and Emily Duffin, the dynamic trio behind the unique farm-to-plate experience at Stonehurst Farm and John's House Restaurant in Mountsorrel, are pioneers in sustainable food and dining.

Growing up on the family farm, the three siblings took divergent paths, with Tom and Emily learning the ropes of farming and retail. At the same time, John ventured to London to hone his culinary skills under renowned chefs Simon Rogan, Claude Bosi and Marcus Wareing. In 2014, John returned to Mountsorrel to open John's House, a restaurant within their old family farmhouse. 
The symbiotic relationship between Stonehurst Farm and John's House showcases the siblings' passion for high-quality, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. John and his team create daring and delectable dishes, such as parsnip dumplings with braised oxtail, Madeira and ox tongue, and carrot sorbet with yoghurt, liquorice, and mint. 
Meanwhile, Tom on the farm provides a rich bounty of produce, including Aberdeen Angus beef cattle, Gloucester Old Spot pigs, and Suffolk sheep, all raised on homegrown, GM-free cereals and grass. Finally, Emily runs the popular on-site Farmer's Den teashop and the bustling farm shop next door. 
Stonehurst Farm's dedication to sustainability extends to its vegetable cultivation, utilising composted manure as fertiliser and minimising pesticide use. This harmony between farm and restaurant exemplifies the Duffin siblings' commitment to environmentally responsible practices and their innovative approach to food. 
With its roots firmly planted in Stonehurst Farm, John's House offers diners an authentic and memorable farm-to-plate experience. The Duffins' combined expertise in farming, fine dining and retail has transformed the Mountsorrel culinary landscape, demonstrating the connection between sustainability and exceptional cuisine. 

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    The menus at John’s House, a Michelin-starred restaurant on chef John Duffin’s family farm, reveal a passion for local sourcing. The team uses fresh produce from Stonehurst Farm and the surrounding area to create adventurous flavour combinations – genuine farm-to-plate dining. Fittingly, the restaurant is a refurbished family farmhouse.
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  2. Stonehurst Farm Shop
    The farm shop stocks home-grown produce from the farm, where the Duffin family grow organic bread wheat, heritage potatoes and seasonal vegetables. They also graze Aberdeen Angus cattle and sheep on organic pastures, rear Gloucester Old Spot pigs and keep free-range laying hens. In addition, Stonehurst Farm Shop is home to John’s House Artisan Bakery.
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