Stephen Gould: The Everards MD Supporting Local

Stephen Gould is the Managing Director of Everards, a Leicestershire-based family brewer that owns over 150 pubs across the East Midlands. Stephen has been with Everards since 2003 and was appointed MD in 2005.

Under Stephen's leadership, Everards has undergone significant changes, including selling its old site near Fosse Meadows and constructing its new brewery, beer hall and offices at Everards Meadows near Blaby. Yet, despite all the upheaval, the company continues to flourish. 
Stephen's approach to working with the entrepreneurs who run its pubs is progressive, positive and supportive. As a result, he's built strong relationships with many independent food and drink businesses, such as The Beautiful Pubs Collective, which runs three Leicester pubs, Jenno’s Coffee in Leicester and The Cat & Wickets Pub Company, which runs The Griffin Inn at Swithland. Everards supports these entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses and finding suitable buildings. 
Stephen and Everards are also committed to regular investment in their pubs, such as joint investments with business owners to improve and update properties. For example, Everards recently teamed up with business owners Mark and Louise to update The Cheney Arms in Gaddesby. This £90k joint investment included the complete renovation of the roof using local Swithland Slate, ensuring that the pub will continue to be a cherished part of the community for years to come. 
Stephen has also been instrumental in creating the Everards Community Fund, which provides grants to support local initiatives, charities and community groups. The Fund has supported various projects, from community gardens and play areas to art installations and conservation efforts. 
It's not surprising, therefore, that Stephen was recently recognised as one of the kindest business leaders in the UK by the Women of the Future Programme. Stephen's leadership makes him a linchpin of the East Midlands food and drink industry. And his commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and investing in the community has helped Everards thrive. 

  1. Everards Meadows Beer Hall
    Everards’ new brewery and beer hall near Fosse Park in Leicester is a genuine jaw-dropper. Huge brewing vessels fermenting Everards’ Tiger, Beacon Hill and other brews are on show behind giant windows in this ultra-modern and stylish Beer Hall. Beautifully designed, it’s a lovely place for brunch, lunch or dinner. You can book a brewery tour, too.
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