Chocolate making workshop

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Chocolate making Workshop with Nenette Chocolates


Chocolate making Workshop with Nenette Chocolates

Make your own chocolates! By attending a chocolate workshop with Nenette Chocolates, you will learn all about where chocolate comes from and how it has developed, over thousands of years, from bean to bar in the form that we know and love today.

Using recipes you can take home, learn to make your own chocolate truffle fillings. You will also learn about, and have a go at, tempering chocolate – discovering what it is and why it is important. Putting these together, you will make your own chocolates to take home and impress your friends with.

A full workshop with Nenette will last around 4 hours. For a light-touch approach, expect to spend an hour with Nenette who will guide you with a mixture of demonstration
and activity.

• Learn all about where chocolate comes from.
• Find out how it has transformed from bean to
bar over thousands of years.
• Make your own chocolate truffles to take home
with you under the expert guidance of Nenette
of Nenette Chocolates.
• Learn new skills including the art
of tempering chocolate

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