Do you know your D20 from your Donkey Kong, or your Catan from your Call of Duty? Then we’ve got the ultimate guide to geeky Leicester for you. Leicester has a long history of being at the heart of geek culture. We all know that the original Pallitoy Star Wars figures were produced in Coaville and the gothic jewellery producer Alchemy is based right here in the city.

So strap on your dice pouch, leave your action figures IN THE BOXES and come with us as we tour the city and county’s geeky meccas from comic shops to gaming lounges and everything in between. Whether you’re a geek, nerd, gamer, cosplayer, comic enthusiast or simply love all things nostalgic, we’ve got something for you here.

Gather your dice and head to one of our gaming cafes

Tabletop gaming and board games soared in popularity over lockdown, and with Stranger Things making everyone an honorary member of the Hellfire Club, Dungeons & Dragons has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. We've all been finding new ways to reconnect with friends and spend long hours poring over instruction manuals and trying to work out just why that potion won’t work with that battle class.

Geek Retreat is a national franchise and the Leicester branch has been open for some time now. They sell themselves as a “Geek Culture” retailer, gaming café and events hub all in one, and they also run regular events giving a friendly and welcoming environment for new and established gamers to come together and play their favourite games together. Come along and join in here.

The newest addition to the city’s gaming community, ReRoll opened in Granby Street and is fully dedicated to the board gaming community. With the walls decorated with game boards and the shelves lined with boxes, there are more than 400 games to choose from, ranging from family favourites like Cluedo and Mouse Trap to more advanced strategy games like Carcassone and Gloomhaven. They also serve fresh bagels and milkshakes to refuel mid-campaign. Find out more here.

Over in Coalville you can also take your gaming online in the Elite Gaming Lounge. As well as the regular board games, themed events and special sessions for specific games, they’ve got a video gaming area where you can go multiplayer with Apex Legends, Super Smash Bros, FIFA, Call of Duty and many more. They also host birthday parties and SEN gaming nights. Check out their website to book a session.

Feed that geeky need with our awesome shops

Action figures, Funko Pops, Graphic novels, T-Shirts and games, it seems that geek culture is everywhere, from Marvel through to the more obscure anime that has long been a staple of the scene. Leicester is no different, with loads of chain and independent stores for you to empty your wallet. Read on for a few of our faves.

It’s the place to come for nerds across the country and Leicester’s branch of Forbidden Planet is no different. Two floors filled with action figures, Funko Pops, geeky clothing, all things anime and of course, a top floor chock full of all the latest comics, graphic novels and manga. It’s all too easy to get lost in here, and your wallet to come out several pounds lighter!

Hidden away behind the Highcross, this jewel in our crown is sure to make that little child inside of you want to come out and play. The Leicester Vintage Toy Shop is exactly what it sounds like, an absolute treasure trove of toys, games, figures and so much more. Star Wars, He Man, Transformers, and loads of others you’ve bound to have forgotten by now!

Gifts for Geeks is a new haven for D&D and tabletop game lovers. Hidden away in the north of the city, if you’re into Warhammer, Games Workshop or card games like Pokemon, Magic The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh then your mind will be blown at the ranges available there.

Warhammer has been on Leicester’s Silver Street forever it seems and it’s the perfect place to start your Games Workshop addiction, with figures, gameboards, paints and all kinds of advice from the experts. And there’s the chance to get involved with live games too.

If you’re looking for your video game fix, then Super Game Shack in the Silver Arcade is the place to be. It’s a paradise for gamers, with a full range of modern and classic consoles plus a library of games covering everything from the Sega Megadrive through to the PS5! There’s also loads of action figures, board games and geeky merch to spend your hard-earned on. Also, their window decorations are always top notch.  

Step into another world with interactive experiences

You’ve played the games, you’re wearing the merch, but how about actually taking part and losing yourself in the world of games, gaming and geekery? There are some great places to get involved, learn more about these worlds, make friends or simply just have a go and see what all the fuss is about.

Step into another world with a whole host of incredible virtual experiences at the brand new ROAMDOME, which is billing itself as the ultimate immersive experience. Strap on one of their headsets and experience the future of virtual reality with worlds so realistic you think you can touch the walls. Pop over to their website to book.

Now it’s time for one of Leicester’s best kept secrets, the Retro Computer Museum. Tucked away on an industrial estate to the north of the city, you can explore (and play) through the history of gaming, from Spectrums and Commodores through to modern gaming consoles. If you’re after the latest PS5 games, then this probably isn’t the place, but if you want to enter a world of nostalgia, your jaw will hit the floor as you see the shelves full of classic games from Jet Set Willy and Manic Miner through Sensible Soccer plus a room full of classic arcade games. Check opening times and book a session here.

If competitive gaming is your thing, then the Belong Gaming Arena in Fosse Park allows you to get involved in e-sports competitions. With 24 high spec PCs, Playstation, Xbox and more, noobs can go there for a casual gaming experience or if you're OP then you can join the Leicester Raptors e-sports team! Find out more here

Just launched at East Street Lanes, VR Excape is Leicester’s first virtual escape room. Choose from a variety of different scenarios, whether it’s a dragon tower, a haunted manor or space station and try to make your way out in time. You can book your session here.




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