We recently welcomed Harry and Lydia, aka 'The Nomads You Know' for a weekend trip to Leicester and Leicestershire. They were looking to experience an active break in the city and judging by their feedback, they definitely got their wish. You can read their blog below!

A weekend in Leicester

Day One

Growing up in Nottinghamshire, Leicester has only ever been a short drive away, a city where we have spent a lot of time, especially Lydia, who studied for a year in the city. Yet, after our trip we now look at Leicester in a new light, this weekend away has really opened our eyes and we now appreciate for all its culture and beauty.

Our morning started experiencing the thrills and spills of Leicester’s River Soar on a scenic kayak trip. It really was an idyllic start, paddling peacefully in nature, our two hour trip quite literally swam by. For those interested in a little work-out with much reward then this is definitely a go to, but remember to book ahead because availability can be hard to come by, especially on the weekend.

We then had a little time before our next activity, so we choose to check in early at St Martin’s Lodge and after a little panic trying to find the car park we eventually got to see our beautiful hotel room with views of Leicester Cathedral.

The lodge has a charming character and most travellers who appreciate English architecture will definitely be in for a treat. But don’t worry, there are plenty of similar hotels dotted around the city for you to choose from.

The next activity in store for us and one you won’t want to miss is Social Climbing, the highlight of our weekend. With very little experience in this sport we were a little apprehensive, but those worries quickly vanished after such a fun action packed afternoon. Leicester now has multiple climbing centres, which is hardly surprising considering more and more people are giving this new found sport a go. As beginners, the staff were very informative and even bought out a sense of competitiveness to the activity which we didn’t think was possible. For anyone wanting to try something new or interested in climbing, we couldn’t recommend social climbing high enough.

Although, pumped with adrenaline, it was a very busy day and a little relax at the lodge was just what we needed. When we explore new places it’s quite easy to forget to take a breather whilst you soak in your surroundings. So, returning to our accommodation & being greeted by a bottle of bubbly and fancy chocolates was the unexpected surprise we didn’t know we needed.

When booking your accommodation in Leicester for your own trip, we recommend our golden rule, location! Being too far away from the city, you will then need to factor in transport, nearby food and your activities over the weekend. Luckily for you, Leicester has many accommodation options within the city, just like St Martins Lodge, which is only a stone's throw away from the old town and opposite the Cathedral, with beautiful cafes, hippy shops and lively bars to really entertain all types of people.

As you can probably tell by now there is a bit of a theme with being wowed and amazed on this trip and that continued with our dinner at Mowgli Street Food. We are suckers for Asian cuisine and these guys did not disappoint. Every mouthful was exquisite and flavoursome, the staff were brilliant and you couldn’t complain about the eye catching interior, we ate our dinner sat on a swing, how cool?

Leicester is home to a diverse culture of people, from all parts of the world, which is probably one of the reasons it hosts the best Asian food in the country if not continent. If this excites you, then a trip down the Golden Mile, will definitely get your tastebuds tingling.

Day Two

As usual, we woke up bright and early to start our day exploring the city. We always recommend doing so in cities, as mornings are usually quieter. A morning walk around one of the many parks in the city will be a bright start to your day.

On day one we had already seen glimpses of the architecture around the city, but the old town did not disappoint. Before our trip we didn’t realise how historic Leicester is, which becomes apparent when visiting the old town and spotting the variety of buildings around the city. Some of our favourites, which help you get a flavour of the architecture at the time are The Guildhall, Newarke, Leicester Cathedral and Castle Gardens, which all boast brilliant photography spots.

After a bit of sightseeing, we opted to visit the King Richard III Visitor Centre and oh boy did we make the right decision in doing so. Without giving away too many spoilers, the infamous King who reigned from 1483-1485 and whose body was deemed to be lost after the battle of Bosworth, was uncovered in a car park in Leicester in September 2012.

This is a pivotal moment of English history, with King Richard's death subsequently leading to the era of the Tudors. The significance of this event is that King Richard is the last English King to die in battle and the only king who’s body had not been accounted for, before 2012. The visitor centre was packed with information and really divulged all aspects of life back in the 15th century, well worth the visit.

Soaking in all that information, tends to lead to hunger, so picking out one of the many restaurants in the city centre won’t be difficult. We headed to the Cosy Club and we didn’t regret it. For anyone who appreciates good food, high standards and tiny details this is your calling. Although, it keeps a friendly and warm vibe, the restaurant and lounge area are littered with interested artefacts and antiques, which really is quite unique and aesthetic.

The last stop on the day and for this trip, arguably the most interesting, was a pleasant visit to Welland Valley Vineyard. Now, as wine lovers, with experience of hitting up local vineyards across the world, you can imagine we have the bar raised high. Well, Welland Valley did not disappoint in this department. Sat in an idyllic small village, in the Leicestershire countryside, the beautiful vineyard has a rustic charm, with owner and local legend David Bates providing a memorable tour and some brilliant insights on the day-to-day operations at Welland Valley.

This is in fact one of a handful of vineyards around Leicestershire, a unique experience born due to global warming. Nevertheless, a visit to Welland Valley Vineyard should truly be on top of your bucket list activities in Leicestershire, a true hidden gem in the region.

A normal feeling after finishing a weekend away in Leicester, is bittersweet, sad to leave this amazing part of the country, but happy for the memories you can make here. With staycations becoming a popular option nowadays, we would highly recommend a mini-break in Leicester, to soak in the culture, indulge in some amazing foods and tackle epic activities. This place has something for everyone and no doubt we will be back.




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