Tourism Ambassadors

Join us in making Leicester an even more vibrant and welcoming destination by becoming a Tourism Ambassador!

But what exactly is a Tourism Ambassador? These dedicated volunteers play a pivotal role in supporting major venues and events, acting as friendly faces and valuable resources for visitors exploring our beautiful city. With a passion for tourism and a friendly demeanor, they will be engaging with the public, providing information, assistance, and enhancing the overall visitor experience in Leicester City Centre.

Tourism Ambassadors showcase Leicester's charm, highlighting its incredible sights, flavours, experiences, and attractions for all to discover and enjoy.

Looking to become a Tourism Ambassador?

As a potential Tourism Ambassador, your commitment comes with a host of exciting benefits.

  • Receive thorough development training, including customer service sessions and immersive tours of attractions, setting you up for success in your role
  • Gain a certification that acknowledges your dedication as a Tourism Ambassador
  • Enjoy ongoing support and development opportunities, ensuring you continue to grow in your role
  • Be part of exclusive events, openings, and gain access to major tourism attractions, all while connecting with like-minded individuals who share your enthusiasm for Leicester's tourism sector

If you're ready to contribute to our city's thriving community and create lasting impressions for visitors, apply now to become a Tourism Ambassador and embark on a fulfilling journey with us!