Business Support

Support for Tourism Businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire

Thriving tourism is vital to Leicester and Leicestershire's vibrant economy. We're committed to supporting your business and helping you reach your full potential. This hub of information is your one-stop shop for a wide range of resources and guidance, designed to empower and support you and your business.  

Who are we?  

We are your Local Visitor Economy Partnership (LVEP), and our team at Visit Leicester take the lead in managing and developing tourism in your area. We can provide marketing opportunities, training courses, networking events and industry expertise to help develop your business. 

We work closely with Visit Britain, who have a wealth of information on the Tourism Sector, as well as our Leicester & Leicestershire partner organisations, offering tailored support in the region.  

What is a Tourism Business? 

A tourism business is one that offers experiences and services to visitors in a particular destination. This can include hotels, attractions, restaurants, tour operators, transportation providers, and shops. If you play a role in creating memorable experiences for tourists, then you’re a tourism business!  

How can we help you? 

We can provide you with invaluable tips, resources, advice and information on how to:  

Grow Your Business - Discover funding opportunities, explore grant applications, and gain insights into starting and developing a successful tourism business. 

Welcome a Wide Range of Visitors - Equip yourself with the knowledge to organise unforgettable group visits, offer options for budget-conscious visitors and cater to international travellers. 

Operate Your Business Smoothly - Access essential health and safety guidance, ensure accessibility for all visitors, and implement sustainable practices to become an eco-conscious business. 

Build Your Team - Find resources for hiring and recruiting staff, access training programmes to develop your employees' skills, and explore accreditation opportunities to enhance your reputation. 

Master Your Marketing - Dive into marketing strategies to attract new customers, learn how to leverage digital tools, and understand the tourism landscape in Leicester and Leicestershire. Of course you can also work directly with us.  

Boost Your Productivity - Discover resources to streamline operations and boost efficiency.