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Why Leicester


  1. Connectivity & Transport
    Centrally located within the UK allowing ease and speed of travel between major global cities.
  2. People
    Leicester and Leicestershire has the kind of demographics that ambitious businesses love to see
  3. Growth
    The Leicester & Leicestershire Strategic Growth Plan will enhance the role of Leicester at the heart of the county and maintain the close relationships between the City, the market towns and rural areas.
  4. Living & Working
    Leicester & Leicestershire is not only Britain’s business expansion hotspot which has seen rocketing growth, but it’s also dynamic, diverse and full of energy.
  5. Talent
    Leicester and Leicestershire is showing exceptional growth in higher and intermediate skilled positions, making it an increasingly attractive place for ambitious businesses.
  6. Business Opportunities
    Leicester and Leicestershire is one of the UK’s fastest growing business locations. It's a place to start, thrive and grow
  7. Who's Here
    We're Home to Major Organisations