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Business Sectors

  1. Aerospace and Space
    Every single year since 1967 has seen a Leicester-built instrument operating in space
  2. Professional & Financial Services
    A proven base for Professional and Financial Services Firms
  3. Life Sciences
    Driven by three world-renowned Universities and a thriving mix of international and home grown companies, the life sciences sector in Leicester and Leicestershire is booming
  4. Advanced Logistics
    The area around Leicestershire and neighbouring counties is known as the ‘Golden Triangle’ which represents the largest concentration of logistics operations in the UK
  5. Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering
    The Midlands is the UK’s manufacturing heartland & Leicestershire is its most exciting growth hotspot.
  6. Food & Drink Manufacturing
    We could say that we’ve ‘got the perfect ingredients’ or ‘the recipe for success’ for your next food and drink project - but that would be far too cheesy…
  7. Creative & Digital
    Given this is such a dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative place, it’s no surprise that so many creative and digital businesses choose to be based in Leicester and Leicestershire.