Visit Leicester

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    The remarkable King Richard III discovery may be Leicestershire’s best-known story, but the city and county have many other best-kept secrets to share with visitors. Find out why we are known as Space City, discover a wealth of intriguing royal connections, explore a forest of 9 million trees and see why our market towns paint a portrait of England
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    As summer draws to a close why not kick off Autumn in style with a visit to Leicestershire’s picturesque landscapes. Rustling leaves against the backdrop of rolling countryside, vibrant market towns and the National Forest, all of which take on a whole new beauty during the Autumnal months.

  3. Throne Room
    The Visitor Centre will be closed for maintainenance from 10th-21st January and will reopen at 10am on Saturday 22nd January The greatest lost-and-found story ever told
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  4. Van Gogh the immersive experience
    Thanks to cutting edge virtual projection you will become a part of the spectacular, incomparable universe of Vincent Van Gogh.
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