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  1. loughborough bell foundry
    Made in Loughborough, heard all over the world
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
  2. 800 years on and still pulling a crowd
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
  3. Stoneywell Visual
    Arts and Crafts cottage that took root in forest setting
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
  4. Uncover the Story Visual
    A day return to the birthplace of popular tourism. Step back in time and ride the rails as you board a steam train straight out of classic literature. Relive the early days of tourism as you take the same journey as Thomas Cook’s first day trip passengers.
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
  5. charnwood villages
    Charm of forest villages is set in stone
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024
  6. charnwood forest
    Half a billion years in the making. Experience the Battle of Bosworth and discover how King Richard III was defeated in a conflict which transformed the history of Britain, bringing the Middle Ages to an end and ushering in the Tudor dynasty which shaped the future of our country.
    1. 1 Jan 202431 Dec 2024

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