Bill Allingham: From Steamin' Billy to Local Food Culture

Bill Allingham, a seasoned pub owner and brewer for over 25 years with Steamin’ Billy, has embarked on an ambitious new venture: Stoughton Grange Farm Shop & Distillery near Oadby.

Aiming to reconnect customers with local food reminiscent of pre-supermarket days, Bill and his team have transformed Stoughton Grange into a multi-faceted destination. 
“I want to connect customers with local food and offer the sort of produce people enjoyed 80 years ago before supermarkets started jetting blueberries and avocados all over the world,” says Bill. “We pride ourselves on growing as much of our own fruit and vegetable as possible here on-site at Stoughton Grange. We use no chemicals and multi-level cultivation to get the most from our garden.” 
The farm shop, cafe, farm park, kitchen garden, gin distillery, and historic pub, The Cow and Plough, are part of the vision. Stoughton Grange also supports independent businesses like Nature’s Play and Build Green. The farm shop, located in a repurposed milking parlour, showcases produce from their kitchen garden, homemade pies, locally sourced meats, and Hambleton Bakery bread. 
Adjacent to the shop and cafe, The Cow & Plough pub retains its charm, serving hearty pub classics and locally brewed beer. Stoughton Grange Park’s 30-acre estate will soon offer visitors picturesque woodland walks, picnics by the lake, and opportunities to appreciate the natural surroundings. 
“We expand our range by sourcing fresh produce from other local farmers and suppliers, ensuring you’ll always be able to get your five a day,” adds Bill. 
Fun fact: Steamin’ Billy, the brewery’s namesake, was not named after Bill Allingham but his business partner Barry’s energetic Jack Russell, who would return from adventures steaming from exertion. 

  1. The Cow and Plough exterior
    The Cow & Plough is a gastropub in Leicestershire that is known for its delicious food, extensive beer selection, and friendly atmosphere.
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  2. Stoughton Grange Farm Shop exterior
    This impressive new farm shop, housed in an old milking parlour, sells produce grown in the Stoughton Grange kitchen garden, homemade pies, locally sourced meat, including Fosse Meadows chicken and Launde Farm lamb, Hambleton Bakery bread and more.
    1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2024