Loughborough - A Market Town

Loughborough - A Market Town


Loughborough - A Market Town

With its mix of entertainment venues, twice weekly street market and annual fair, Loughborough continues to pull in the crowds. With this history of celebration going back 800 years, it’s no surprise that the people of Loughborough and the students who call it home know how to enjoy themselves.

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Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5BL

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Season (1 Jan 2024 - 31 Dec 2024)


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  • Uncover the story - There’s always plenty going on in Loughborough, thanks in part to its acclaimed university and subsequent student population but two events that always draw a crowd have nothing to do with such modern additions. <hr> The town’s street market and annual fair were granted royal charter in 1221. That was 800 years ago, and a year-long celebration to mark this milestone includes exhibitions at Charnwood Museum, the library and town hall, as well as a permanent plaque and commemorative lights. <hr> The twice-weekly market fills the historic Market Place, with more than 100 stalls selling everything a bargain-hunter might want. From cheeses, meats, fruit and veg, to household goods and even an outfit for a night on the town, it’s all here. There’s also a popular vintage market held every Friday. <hr> On four days in November, the area is completely taken over by Loughborough Fair. In a bygone era the fair would have been similar to a market, but today, the shouts of traders are nothing compared to the thrilled squeals of children, young and old, from the fairground rides. <hr> Surrounding shops are bathed in flashing lights and riders get a bird’s-eye view of Loughborough as they are thrust skywards and encouraged to “scream if they want to go faster!” <hr> When the fair is not in town, plenty of bars and restaurants are crowd-pullers in their own right, and audiences have been flocking to Loughborough Town Hall since 1855. Top of the bill in the early 20th century was Emmeline Pankhurst, here to garner support for the Suffragette movement’s fight for Votes for Women. <hr> Nowadays this grand arts venue stages a variety of performances from ballet and rock concerts to plays and comedy. Each festive season it puts on an award-winning, fun-filled pantomime too, sure to have theatregoers rolling in the aisles – oh yes, it is!

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