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  1. The Gateway in black and white

    There are a whole host of horrific and horrendous events happening for Halloween this October.

  2. Street Art of King Richard

    We're marking 10 years since the incredible discovery of King Richard III.

  3. An image of indian food on a plate

    From award-winning street food to Leicester City gin, Leicester and Leicestershire have a lot to offer food and drink lovers.

  4. Space Suits
    Space Suits, Rockets And Buzz Aldrin’s Underpants
    1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023
    2. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023
  5. Throne Room
    The greatest lost-and-found story ever told
    1. 21 Jun 202331 Dec 2023
  6. From small beginnings to great apes
    1. 1 Jan 202331 Dec 2023

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