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    The remarkable King Richard III discovery may be Leicestershire’s best-known story, but the city and county have many other best-kept secrets to share with visitors. Find out why we are known as Space City, discover a wealth of intriguing royal connections, explore a forest of 9 million trees and see why our market towns paint a portrait of England
  2. De Montfort Hall stage and audience

    It's an epic end to September as we run down the best stuff to see on stage from music and comedy legends to a very special night with a sporting superstar.

    9 Sep 2021
  3. Space Suits
    Space Suits, Rockets And Buzz Aldrin’s Underpants
    1. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    2. 1 Jan 202031 Dec 2020
    3. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
    4. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
    5. 1 Jan 202131 Dec 2021
  4. Throne Room
    The greatest lost-and-found story ever told
    1. 21 Jun 202131 Dec 2021
    2. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
  5. A city for students

    As we prepare to welcome back thousands of students to the city take a look at our guide to what to do when you're here. 

    22 Sep 2021
  6. Van Gogh the immersive experience
    Thanks to cutting edge virtual projection you will become a part of the spectacular, incomparable universe of Vincent Van Gogh.
    1. 17 May 202131 Dec 2021
  7. Engine Yard shop at Belvoir Castle
    Instagrammable Spots in Leicester
    29 Jul 2021