Reconstructing King Richard III

Richard III Facial Reconstruction at Leicester's Guildhall

The facial reconstruction of King Richard III, as seen on the Channel 4 documentary, ‘The King in the Car Park,’ is to go on a tour of the country, beginning at Leicester's Guildhall exhibition. The model was commissioned by the Richard III Society and made by Professor Caroline Wilkinson and the forensic art team at the University of Dundee.

It was made using a 3D printing technique called stereolithography. Finishing details like the style and colour of Richard's hair and hat were taken from near contemporary portraits of the King.

Don't miss your chance to come face-to-face with one of English history's most controversial Kings.

Tour Dates
The Guildhall, Leicester: 18th May - 9th June 2013
Bosworth Battlefield: 11th June – 16th July 2013
Yorkshire Museum: 19th July – 13th October 2013
Northampton Museum and Art Gallery: 19th October 2013 – 5th January 2014
British Museum, London: 11th January – 16th March 2014
Gloucester Museum & Art Gallery: 20th - 30th March 2014
Sudeley Castle: 2nd - 15th April 2014

When the tour is complete, the model will return to Leicester for permanent display in the new King Richard III visitor centre. The tour was organised by Leicester Arts and Museums Service and the model has been kindly loaned for display by the Richard III Society. The tour is supported by the University of Leicester, the University of Dundee and Darlow Smithson Productions.

Find out more about the tour venues on their website:
> Sudeley Castle
> Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre & Country Park
> Yorkshire Museum
> Northampton Museum and Art Gallery
> British Museum
> Gloucester Museum & Art Gallery